Jeremy N. Thomas, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Dept. of Sociology, Social Work & Criminal Justice
Idaho State University

Research Affiliate
Center for Positive Sexuality

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I am an Assistant Professor of Sociology in the Department of Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice at Idaho State University. My research interests primarily concern religion, sexuality, deviance, and the body. With regard to religion, I study the construction, maintenance, and contestation of moral narratives, especially those related to sexuality. With regard to sexuality, I am interested in a wide range of topics including homosexuality, pornography, BDSM, fetish sexuality, sex work and sexual economies, sexual consent, sexual abuse and violence, child pornography, and sex offending. Alongside these topics, I am also interested in deviance and the body including body modification, consensual and ritual violence, and self-injury. 

Recent Articles

If you don’t have institutional access to these, you can download the full-text of these articles from my profile.


Thomas, Jeremy N. and Andrew L. Whitehead. “Evangelical Elites’ Anti-Homosexuality Narratives as a Resistance Strategy Against Attribution Effects.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.

Thomas, Jeremy N. and D J Williams. “Getting Off on Sex Research: A Methodological Commentary on the Sexual Desires of Sex Researchers.” Sexualities.


Williams, D J, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior. “Moving Full-Speed Ahead in the Wrong Direction? A Critical Examination of US Sex-Offender Policy from a Positive Sexuality Model.” Critical Criminology.

Thomas, Jeremy N., Lauren Crosby, and Jessica Milford. “Gender Differences Among Self-Reported Genital Piercing Stories.” Deviant Behavior.

Thomas, Jeremy N. “Responding to Academic Critiques of Sex Work: Practical Suggestions from a Sex-Positive Perspective.” Journal of Positive Sexuality 1:16–20.

Williams, D J, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior, and Wendy Walters. “Introducing a Multidisciplinary Framework of Positive Sexuality.” Journal of Positive Sexuality 1:6–11.


Williams, D J, Jeremy N. Thomas, and M. Candace Christensen. “You Need to Cover Your Tattoos! Reconsidering Standards of Professional Appearance in Social Work.” Social Work 59(4):373–375.

Williams, D J, Jeremy N. Thomas, Emily E. Prior, M. Candace Christensen. “From ‘SSC’ and ‘RACK’ to the ‘4Cs’: Introducing a New Framework for Negotiating BDSM Participation.” Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality 17.


Thomas, Jeremy N. “Outsourcing Moral Authority: The Internal Secularization of Evangelicals’ Anti-Pornography Narratives.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 52(3):457–75 [Lead Article].


Thomas, Jeremy N. and Daniel V. A. Olson. “Evangelical Elites’ Changing Responses to Homosexuality 1960–2009.” Sociology of Religion 73(3):239–72 [Lead Article].

Thomas, Jeremy N. and Daniel V. A. Olson. “Beyond the Culture War: Managing Sexual Relationships Inside a Congregation of Gay Evangelicals.” Review of Religious Research 54(3):349–70.


Thomas, Jeremy N. and Daniel V. A. Olson. “Testing the Strictness Thesis and Competing Theories of Congregational Growth.” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 49(4):619–39.